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Vision and Mission Statement

We provide an alternative method of transcription utilizing electronic transfer of data. Our client/ Physician will dictate a letter using a digital Dictaphone. The electronic file will be sent in a secure format to our company's server. Our team of experienced transcriptionists will access the server and transcribe the file. To increase accuracy, our transcriptionists will be linked to specific physicians who have been grouped into specialty fields. Transcribed reports will be processed through a 2 step quality control proofreading procedure and then returned to the physicians user page on the server. The physicians will only be able to access their files on the server after logging in with their specific password. Once logged-on the physician can decide to proof-read/correct/approve/ fax or mail the document.

Our mission is to become a leader in outsourced medical transcription by providing a superior product that enables physicians, as small business owners, to become more successful through effective cost management. We endeavor to improve the lives of our employees while providing an inexpensive and high quality product to our physician clients. Economic globalization has lead to outsourcing which is sometimes perceived as being done at the expense of foreign workers. We believe in fair compensation for work performed. We will be a "fair trade" employer and we plan to compensate our employees above the industry standards, thus giving our staff a comparable qualify of life to similarly employed individuals in the developed world. We believe in ethical outsourcing.


Our North American operation is located at - 2185 Cliffwood Road, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Our Philippine operation is located at Suite 809 Cityland 10 Tower II 154 H.V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines.


We store our data on 2 units of HP DL380 Servers on dedicated 1/3 rack (14U) with 5amps of power. Our production and back-up servers are housed at IDC Internet Centers Inc, dba Serenity Networks Inc secured facility staffed 24/7 by competent IT Professionals. Our servers and other equipment are housed in a Seismic Zone Four compliant facility. It has been designed in accordance with the National Structural Code of British Columbia, Canada using the highest consideration for building construction.

Backup Systems:

We have a UPS system configured in redundant and parallel mode, ensuring seamless flow of power to all of our equipment. It's capable of handling a maximum load capacity for all power requirements of our equipment. Another UPS unit serves as backup to ensure uninterrupted operation.

We use switchgears for efficient load sharing during normal conditions. Close Transition Transfer Switch (CTTS) provides for a "make before break transfer" in the event of an abrupt power failure. This feature assures you of seamless power transition from normal to emergency and back. CTTS has the capacity for automatic and uninterrupted transition of power.

Fire Suppression System

The room where our servers and hardware equipment is located, is equipped with a gas-based fire suppression system to ensure the safety of all the equipment within the room during an event of fire outbreaks. The fire suppression systems are strategically located in the ceilings and under the floor void.

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