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We provide an alternative method to traditional transcription. Our process will start with the physician dictating the letter using a digital Dictaphone. The file will then be sent in a secure format via the internet to our server (computer). Our experienced transcriptionists will access the file and transcribe the report. The transcribed report will go through a 2 step proofreading / editing process. Following that, the transcription will be uploaded to the server and will be accessible to our client. The client will have the option of proof reading the document and listening to their voice file if desired. The final disposition (correction/approval/mail /print) of the document will be decided by our client once the document has been approved. Our site is encrypted and password protected so that the data is only viewed by authorized individuals. The user interface for the physicians will be designed so that physicians with all levels of computer literacy will be easily able to operate it.

Our transcriptionists are located in the Philippines and Canada. The language of commerce in the Philippines is English and a high percentage of Filipino population speaks English fluently. The Philippines has a large well-trained transcription work-force due to the proliferation of transcription schools that train students in English-based medical transcription. As a result we can produce high quality reports at a much lower cost than companies with a transcription work force based entirely in Canada.

Some clients may have concerns about outsourcing due to the perception that outsourcing is a process that takes unfair advantage of the workforce in the developing world. These concerns are not applicable to our corporation. We endeavor to improve the lives of our employees by being a "fair trade" employer. We compensate our employees above the industry standard, thus giving them a quality of life to a similarly employed individual in the developed world.

Key Features

Our service will provide a product that is accurate, inexpensive and provide a quick turn-around time

Accurate: Our clients can expect 98.9% accuracy. All documents go through a 2 step proofreading process. Any errors that are discovered in this process are relayed back to the transcriptionist to promote error reduction. The physician will have the option of reviewing the dictation and if they have concerns and comments, feedback can be given immediately without calling. We pride ourselves on customer service. We routinely proactively contact our client to address their needs. We will team specific physicians with specific transcriptionists to create familiarity and improve accuracy.

FAST: Given world time zones our companys Philippine-based transcriptionists will be working during their daytime, which is night in North America. This factor in conjunction with our software results in faster document turn around.

Lower Cost: The cost savings of our service are significant. Since physician income is relatively fixed and costs are continually rising, physicians are now looking for ways to lower costs and make their small business more viable. Utilization of our service will lower costs and will free-up the on-site staff to perform site specific tasks more efficiently which in turn lowers opportunity costs.

Physicians utilizing our service will be dealing with a Canada-based company that accepts Canadian funds. Most outsource companies only accept US funds and/or utilize a complicated off-shore payment regimen. Our customer service and point of sale will be locally based which allows for fluid communication

Production of Products and Services

The verbal files will be transmitted in a secure manner to our server to our server in British Columbia, Canada. The server will be housed in a secure site that has 24 hours technical support. The files will be accessed by our transcriptionists who are working in our secure office in Makati, Manilas business district. . Once the document is typed it will reviewed in a 2 step quality assessment/ editing process. Following this the document will be sent back to the server for client approval. The clients account is password protected. Once logged in, the client may choose to correct, edit, approve, print, download, fax or mail the document.

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