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  1. How do I register?
  2. What are the other documents required beyond the on-line registration so that my account will be activated?
  3. Do I pay for registration?
  4. How will I pay for my transcriptions?
  5. What are the actual processes involved during the registration?
  6. How will I know if my account is already active?
  7. How do I log-in?
  8. What about virus security?
  9. What is the Turn around Time?
  10. How will I upload my dictation?
  11. Are my dictations secured?
  12. How will I review, make comments and approve/reject a transcription?
  13. Will I be billed for transcriptions I reject?
  14. How will I download a transcription?
  15. How do I pay for my balance?
  16. Why must I log-out?



How do I register?

You can register via registration page with our registration form. Please be advised that all of the fields in the form are required in order to complete the process. After filling-up the fields, please read the terms and conditions and click the checkbox that says that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of our service. Clicking the submit button will trigger this system to automatically generate an email addressed to our administrator who will perform another check and record your details. At this point, you are considered as pre-registered with a pending status. The administrator will notify you of the activation of your account after you have provided all the other requirements emailed to you. At that point , your account will be converted from Pending to Active.

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What are the other documents required beyond the on-line registration so that my account will be activated?

We have intentionally omitted answering this question via this FAQ page. Only those who are pre-registered shall be notified by email about the subsequent requirements needed to be submitted in order to have their account activated.

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Do I pay for registration?

Registration is free

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How will I pay for my transcriptions?

After all requirements has been approved and you are utilizing our service you can pay the invoices via our payment page. You may pay by cheque or PAYPAL

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What are the actual processes involved during the registration?

  1. Fill-up the online registration form.
  2. You will be notified via email that we've received your registration. At this stage your are considered as pre-registered. In the same email, you will be instructed to submit the required documents.
  3. ProCom will check if you're quallified to go to the next stage. Qualified or not, you shall be receiving another email. The email could either contain further documents to be submitted or a link towards our secured payment page.
  4. Once approved and activated you will have to be able to start the process of uploading transcriptions

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How will I know if my account is already active?

We shall send you a notification that your account has been activated. Your username and password shall be provided. Only after this can you start utilizing our service.

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How do I log-in?

You can log-in from any of our corporate pages. It's located at the left panel of the page, where the header reads "Log-In. Just enter the username and password supplied to you and then press Enter or click the "Log-In" button. You will be sent to your Client Home Page. If your computer prompts you to allow it to remember password, we strongly recommend that you do not for security reasons.

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What about virus security?

Our system maintains the latest in protection software. We also only allow users to download specific types of files. All uploaded files are scanned prior to opening. We expect all users of the system to maintain their own system protection and check regularly for viruses. If you suspect that you have a virus on your system do not log-on until the threat has been dealt with. Also notify us if you were infected.

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What is the Turn around Time?

Turn around time (TAT) is the time it takes for the document to be processed from download to the user page ready for review and download. The exact time will vary depending on individual client needs. Our routine turn around time is 48 hours but faster than this can be negotiated. Documents should be downloaded between 9 Am and 8 Pm (Pacific standard time) to ensure efficient document return. If downloaded outside this time frame then the TAT will start at the beginning of the next download cycle. See below for TAT guarantee *.

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How will I upload my dictation?

You can upload voice files directly from your client main page or by using our ProCom Client Based Software to multi-upload voice files. Futher information shall be provided in your client main page.

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Are my dictations secured?

Your transactions are traveling via secured-socket layer with 128-bit encryption. You are assured that your transactions are safe with us. We strongly advise that you keep your username and password secret and secure. You also have the option to change your password regularly through the "Change User Info" link from the actions menu. This way, you can be sure that your transactions with us are much safer. If you forget your password you will need to e-mail us and the information can be released if the proper passwords and information is provided.

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How will I review, make comments and approve/reject a transcription?

You can review and edit-online your transcriptions using our On-Line Editor Beta 1.0. Approve and reject documents simultaneously while listening to your voice file (via streaming or download) .Futher information and instruction are provided in your client main page

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Will I be billed for transcriptions I reject?

If the document was rejected due to accuracy concerns then your account will not be billed for that document. This statement is contingent upon the fact that your dictation voice file fulfills our quality requirements**. If the file meets our audio requirements but our transcription does not our 98.8% accuracy goals then you will not be billed (removing file from invoice will be done after the specific documents accuracy issues have been reviewed fully). If a document is rejected for another reason please specify so that we can address your concerns.

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How will I download a transcription?

You can only download your files from our PROCOM Client Based System multi-download. Further information are provided inside your client main page

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How do I pay for my balance?

From the client home page, you will find the "Pay Whole Balance" link inside the client info section located at the upper left portion of the page. You area of the webpage is easy to spot because there is a row of credit card icons immediately below it. Clicking that "Pay Whole Balance" link will open up our secured payment pages as provided by our payment gateway (Global payments secured by Eigen). As well we offer the option to pay by cheque. Once the cheque is received a confirmation of received payment will appear in your balance area.

Just fill out the form in the payment pages. You would notice that in most of the form contents in the payment pages, the system have automatically filled it for you. Just follow the steps on succeeding payment pages until you have been validated on-line triggering payment receipts to be received by both parties involved (you and Procom), as sent to our email boxes. As soon as we have received the payment by cheque or receipt from Global payments then we will update your balance.

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Why must I log-out?

Your access to this system is represented by a separate and distinct session. If you happen to leave your computer without logging-out, someone might accidentally/intentionally browse over this site using the same active session. No one would want that to happen, so we strictly advise that you log-out of the system before leaving your computer. Never leave an active session open. Closing the session and thus increasing security is as simple as logging-out. If your user page is inactive for 20 minutes you will be automatically logged out.


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